Geomantic disturbances

Geomantic disturbances

Geomantic disturbances refer to energetic imbalances or anomalies that emanate from the earth and its environment and can affect living things in that area. Geomancy, an ancient science and art form that deals with the “knowledge of the earth”, is about understanding, analyzing and possibly harmonizing these energetic properties.
These disturbances can be caused by natural features such as water veins, rock formations or earth faults, but also by man-made structures such as buildings, roads and other infrastructure. Sometimes they are even seen as responsible for health problems or general malaise.
Geomantic disturbances are often difficult to measure and are usually identified by specialized techniques such as radiesthesia (dowsing) or by modern geophysical measurement techniques. The goal is to neutralize or mitigate these disturbances to create a more harmonious environment.

Water veins

The fascination with the energetic effects of water is as old as human civilization itself. In various cultures and traditions, water was often considered life-giving and healing. In scientific discourse, this underground water is referred to as groundwater. According to DIN 4049, it is “subterranean water that coherently fills the cavities of the earth’s crust and whose movement is determined exclusively or almost exclusively by gravity and the frictional forces triggered by the movement itself.”
In the context of geomancy, groundwater takes on another, metaphysical dimension. It is believed that the flowing water underground affects the energetic balance in a room or area. This energy can be positive or negative in polarity. A negatively polarized energy line, also known as a water vein, can cause a disturbance in the energy flow of a room. This type of energetic disturbance is often considered harmful to the human body. It can induce stress at a microscopic level, which can affect the overall sense of well-being and performance of those present in the space.
To identify such disturbances, specialized geomantic techniques such as radiesthesia or dowsing are often used. Once a disturbance is localized, there are several methods to harmonize the energy. These can be special materials that absorb or redirect the energy, or specific redesigns of the space can be made.
The goal of harmonization is to reverse the negatively polarized energy and thus restore the original, positive energy of the water. In geomancy, it is believed that harmonized water veins have the ability to generate positive, uplifting energies. These can not only improve the well-being of people, but also promote the growth of plants and even improve the quality of the soil.
However, it is important to emphasize that many of these concepts and techniques, although widely used in practice, are not fully accepted scientifically. However, geomancy remains a fascinating discipline that offers the potential to understand and enhance our relationship with the natural world in a profound way.

Sleep disturbances due to underground rock fractures

Fractures, distortions

Imagine a deep crack in the ground where earth rays reach the earth’s surface in high intensity due to lack of attenuation. A well-known example of such a geologic fault is the Andreas Fault in the United States. These fractures or faults are the result of tectonic faults that cause cracks and displacements in the earth’s surface and underlying layers.
In geomancy, these geological faults take on a special significance. While in the geological context they are understood as the result of tectonic forces, geomancy considers them as conductors or even amplifiers of earth energies that can be potentially harmful or disruptive. These energy lines, also known as geopathogenic radiation, often propagate perpendicularly from the point of rupture to the earth’s surface. They can directly influence the energetics of a place and the health of the organisms living there.
When layers of the earth of different compositions are in direct contact, the resulting energy patterns can be complex and often problematic. These geopathogenic radiations can not only put the human body in a state of stress or discomfort, but also affect the growth of plants and disturb the wildlife in the area. In some cases, geopathogenic radiation has even been found to affect the quality of groundwater.
To identify such high-energy faults, special geomantic techniques such as radiesthesia or geophysical measurement methods are usually used. After identification, there are several ways to harmonize or neutralize these energy flows. 
However, it is important to note that many of these concepts are controversial in the scientific community. Nevertheless, geomancy remains a valuable tool for many to better understand and potentially improve the relationship between the Earth and the organisms that live on it. In this context, geological fractures and faults are not only earth-historical phenomena, but also gateways to a profound energetic interaction that could expand our understanding of health and well-being.