Diagnosis 5G Mobile Radio – Studies

Diagnosis 5G Mobile Radio – Studies

Since the introduction of 5G wireless technology, there have been concerns around the world about the potential health effects. In Germany, for example, many millions of euros have been invested in research into cell phone radiation since 2002, and work at the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection will continue in the coming years, as reported on the website “Germany talks about 5G.” An important contribution to clarifying the health effects of 5G came from the European Parliament. In July 2021, the Scientific Technology Options Assessment (STOA) committee published a report titled “Health Impact of 5G,” which examined the scientific assessment of technologies and their consequences, according to the website of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. An organization called diagnose:funk has published a summary of this report, which examined the effects of previous cellular frequencies and the new 5G technology on cancer and fertility, as outlined on the diagnose:funk website.

Despite this and other research, it is reported that negative effects of 5G on health have not been scientifically proven, especially with regard to a link between mobile radiation and cancer, as can also be read on the website “Germany talks about 5G”. An Australian research group examined 2266 studies and found that 68% of them showed “significant biological or health effects” related to mobile phone radiation, as reported by Der Tagesspiegel. In addition, a European Parliament report published in June 2021 analyzed the current state of knowledge about the carcinogenic and reproductive development risks associated with 5G, according to the urs-raschle.ch website.

The health effects of 5G remain an active area of research, and opinions as well as conclusions vary by source and study.

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