Matthias Gottschall

The IFEE Institute

I had the great privilege of taking over the Institute for Earth Radiation and Electrosmog from Mr. Sigrist, who led this renowned institute for an impressive 40 years. The wealth of knowledge and experience he handed over to me is beyond words. 
Likewise, I am deeply touched by the teachings and profound knowledge of “New Geomancy” as formulated by Werner Hartung. His insights have deepened my work and my understanding of the world in ways I would not have thought possible before. The concept of geomancy, as Dr. Hartung sees it, has broadened my field of vision and added an extra dimension to my work.
I see myself as a preserver and continuator of these valuable traditions and teachings. In doing so, I am constantly striving to maintain the quality and integrity of the work that these two extraordinary people have done. I work part time to ensure that I can give each case the attention and care it needs. And in every moment of my work I feel the burden and the gift of this responsibility. It is an ongoing journey of humility and learning for which I am immensely grateful.