Black magic and curses

Black magic and curses

Black magic, a subject often viewed with skepticism, fascinates and frightens people in equal measure. Some firmly believe in their existence and their ability to influence people’s lives. Alleged effects of black magic range from unexplained phantom pains and hallucinations to possession by ghosts or demons, as discussed on the website For example, one particular occult practice, goëtie, focuses on the summoning and control of demons.

Black magic attacks are described as serious threats that can significantly disrupt life. According to the Coaching Institute Cologne website, these attacks are not old wives’ tales and can significantly disrupt a person’s life, although there are ways to free yourself from such attacks. The use of black magic is often aimed at revealing secrets or looking into the future, as explained on the website Here, the summoning of demons is described as a means of performing black magic.

In addition to black magic, curses and castings are also considered burdens. Curses, often triggered by negative energy or intentions, can cause misfortune and failure in various areas of life, according to some people. Possessions, often associated with the intrusion of spirits or other entities into an individual’s personal sphere, can cause both physical and emotional distress.

To protect against black magic and its effects, there are several recommendations. On the website it is advised to free oneself from fears, curses, hatred and envy and to use white magic as an antidote. Through rituals and the guidance of experienced practitioners, people can find help to free themselves from the negative effects of black magic.

The subject of black magic and occult practices is surrounded by mysticism and uncertainty. The scientific community often has difficulty validating such claims, further complicating discussions around this topic. It is advisable to take an informed and critical perspective when dealing with such occult issues.

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