5G Historic victory in the USA

5G Historic victory in the USA

Historic victory: Childrens Health Defend wins lawsuit against the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) on safety guidelines for 5G and wireless.

U.S. Court of Appeals ( District of Columbia Circuit ) ruled that the Federal Communications Commission failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its current guidelines adequately protect against adverse effects from exposure to radiofrequency radiation.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) today won a historic case against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) challenging the agency’s decision not to review its 1996 health and safety guidelines related to wireless technologies, including 5G.

The court’s ruling states:

“The case is remanded to the Commission for a reasoned explanation of its determination that its guidelines provide adequate protection against adverse effects from exposure to radiofrequency radiation…”

CHD Chairman and counsel in this case Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said:

“The court’s decision exposes the FCC and FDA as captive agencies that have abandoned their duty to protect public health in favor of a single-minded crusade to increase telecommunications industry profits.”

The court’s decision further states:

“…the FCC has utterly failed to acknowledge, let alone act on, comments about the effects of RF radiation on the environment…The record contains substantial evidence of potential environmental harm.”

This historic case was filed by CHD on February 2, 2020. The lawsuit challenged the agency’s decision not to revisit its 25-year-old radio frequency (RF) guidelines, which regulate radiation emitted by wireless technology devices (such as cell phones and iPads) and infrastructure (cell towers, Wi-Fi, and smart meters), and to adopt biologically and evidence-based guidelines that adequately protect public health.

In 1996, the FCC adopted guidelines that protect consumers only from adverse effects that occur at radiation levels that cause thermal effects (temperature changes in tissue), while ignoring substantial evidence of profound harm from pulsed and modulated RF radiation at non-thermal levels. The FCC has not reviewed its policies or the evidence since, despite clear scientific evidence of harm and rising rates of RF-related illness.

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