Month: October 2023

Black magic and curses

Black magic, a subject often viewed with skepticism, fascinates and frightens people in equal measure. Some firmly believe in their existence and their ability to influence people’s lives. Alleged effects of black magic range from unexplained phantom pains and hallucinations to possession by ghosts or demons, as discussed on the website For example, one…
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Diagnosis 5G Mobile Radio – Studies

Since the introduction of 5G wireless technology, there have been concerns around the world about the potential health effects. In Germany, for example, many millions of euros have been invested in research into cell phone radiation since 2002, and work at the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection will continue in…
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Effects of water veins – studies

Viennese and Salzburg researchers have studied the negative effects of water veins and found that so-called geopathic disturbances can cause stress to the human body. In the study two measurement sites in a laboratory of the St. Johanns Hospital were measured by six professional radiesthesists and 52 subjects were examined. The researchers found clear evidence…
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