Month: January 2022

Health effects of 5G – EU study

Study by: European Parliamentary Research Service, July 2021 Key Findings: EMFs are probably carcinogenic, EMFs clearly impair male fertility. The upcoming rollout of 5G mobile networks will enable significantly faster mobile broadband speeds Broadband speeds and increasingly extensive mobile data usage. Technical innovations include a different transmission system (MIMO: use of antennas with multiple inputs…
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Health effects of 5G mobile technology under real-world conditions.

Toxicology Letters Volume 323, 1 May 2020, Pages 35-40 Ronald N.KostoffaPaulHerouxbMichaelAschnercAristidesTsatsakisde Key findings of the study: Identifies a broad spectrum of adverse health effects of non-ionizing non-visible radiation. Most laboratory experiments were not designed to identify the more severe adverse effects that correspond to real-life conditions. Many experiments do not involve real pulsing and modulation…
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