Harmonize your environment

Increase productivity and wellbeeing.

We decontaminate and energize buildings

Based on historical knowledge gathered by our ancestors over centuries, we create a positive uplifting energetic environment. We decontaminate buildings for private individuals and companies.

Interference fields can have various causes.

Do you know the sensation of stepping into a room and immediately feeling uncomfortable? Our perceptual abilities are often more far-reaching than we realize. This discomfort can appear either immediately or after a certain time and is often due to various disturbing factors in the room. These disruptive factors fall into the following categories.

Geomantic disturbances

Water veins, fractures, radioactivity


Nideder frequency (power lines) High frequency (mobile radio, WLAN,)

Earth energy system

Meridian systems (Hartmann grid, Curry grid, Lightning grid)

Black Magic and Entities

Black magic (spells, curses), Disturbing entities (spirits, demons, isóphies).

Geological fracture

Three steps to the goal

From appointment to radiation protection, it’s made easy


Book appointment

Simply select your desired date online or contact us by phone. 


The measurement

On the agreed date, the interfering energies are measured.


Dejamming and energizing

All identified interference fields are harmonized.

Prices to debug and energize

Apartment small (3z)

CHF 850

inclusive journey

  • Apartment till 3 rooms
  • Analysis of the 4 interference categories
  • Complete dejamming & energization
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CHF 1300

inclusive journey

  • Single family house
  • Analysis of the 4 interference categories
  • Complete dejamming & energization
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What we can do best

Since 1992, we have been performing de-interferences and energizations. 

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Our experience

The Institute for Earth Radiation and Electrosmog 



Satisfied customers

Customer reports

What our customers say:

Mr. Gottschall from the Institute for Earth Radiation and Electrosmog advised us very professionally, extensively and personally. Now that we have implemented his suggestions for improvement, our well-being has increased a lot, we have more energy and sleep a lot better. The advice and investment have more than paid off.

Mother, mid 30

I actually feel fresher. Seriously now, I sleep much better than before. The investment has paid off.

Woman, mid 50s

My wife and I regularly check our sleep. The scale means 70 “good” and 80 “very good”. My wife has a value around 80: about 5-10 units better than before. I myself have a value between 73 and 80, previously 60-70. It has shown a positive effect against interfering radiation, water veins and Erstrahlen. We thank you for your efforts.

Retired couple

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